Carpet Cleaning

The Bark In The Park Advantage

A Bark in the Park carpet cleaning and pet stain/odor removal is a professional service addressing the issues of pet accidents. Our carpet cleaning services take care of both the surface stains and subfloor.

Our special cleaning method was developed as a result of observing the wasteful and potentially hazardous processes of traditional carpet cleaning companies. Having been in the dry cleaning business for decades, we were dedicated to developing a better, safer and more efficient method.

In terms of environmental costs, our process only flushes a few ounces of water versus dozens of gallons - which is commonly seen in traditional carpet cleaning services. We accomplish this by utilizing a special machine that scrubs your carpet hundreds of times per minute, versus spraying and sucking out large amounts of hot water and harmful chemicals.

About Our Process

Rather than diluting and spreading the stain, a Bark in the Park uses a process that utilizes very low levels of moisture. We clean your carpet using just enough water to loosen the soil and absorb it immediately. This is safer for your pets as they won't walk on wet, chemical covered flooring. Additionally, there is a minimal amount of drying time needed, meaning no leftover tracks when walking on your carpet after cleaning.

For stubborn, hard to clean urine stains, we take things a step further with our three part process. This process takes slightly longer than our typical carpet cleaning methods, however, this process treats the root problem of the strain by removing it completely. Traditional carpet cleaning products sold by other companies and pet stores rely on specialized enzymes to treat selective bacteria that are present in the stains. Instead of this, we rely on our proven technology to remove the stain for good!

Results, Not Repeat Treatments

Pets are our passion as well as our livelihood. We offer this service because it works. Give us a call or drop us a note and let us demonstrate the remarkable results that are possible with a Bark in the Park carpet and floor cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Our carpet cleaning prices are as follows:

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All Bark in the Park customers will receive a 20% discount on all services.